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"Our school community has benefited hugely  since the introduction of the Parent English classes at Garden International School. The unique way in which these classes are delivered to integrate the learning of English through the interests of the participants alongside current events in school is a significant factor as to the success of the classes and why term after term, classes from Beginners to the more advanced are fully booked.


Parents have benefited through an increased capacity in being able to communicate in  English and in turn communication channels between school and home are more impactful. Parents are not only more confident speaking to their children’s teachers, but also to each other and as one parent said, it was as much about learning the language to support their child at school as it was to give her the confidence to speak to and make friends with other parents. 

The impact of these classes has gone beyond our expectations and this is in part due to the professional dedication and passion of Natasha Viñales and the way she continues to adapt her programme to respond to the individual needs within her classes as well as the trust she has earned across the school community.  Her capacity to teach English combined with her knowledge and understanding of an International school community make the programme she delivers not just unique, but also relevant and engaging."

Jane Scott

Assistant Head Teacher

Garden International School

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"The courses have brought together our parent EAL community and given them an opportunity to learn/improve their English in a supportive and relaxed environment. The classes have also allowed EAL parents to socialise which has led to friendships being formed  and has contributed to them feeling part of the wider school community. 

All the feedback has been very positive. Parents have commented that the classes have made them feel more confident with talking to teachers about their child's progress and given them the opportunity to make friends with other parents in a similar position. 

We are very happy with how the courses have been managed. Natasha is always quick to reply to any queries/enquiries and has been very flexible if any changes have needed to be made e.g. last minute venue changes and resource availability."

Phil Leaman

Head of Marketing and Communication

The British International School of Kuala Lumpur