Course structure

See the below table of what to expect from your lessons:

  • Tailor-made to suit the needs of the class.

  • Held conveniently at your child's school during school hours.

  • 1 hour weekly.

  • Scheduled around the school calendar.

  • Taught by a qualified and experienced native English Teacher.

  • Have an end of Term celebration and students awarded with course completion certificates.

  • A Parent Social organised at the end of year. 

All courses include*:

  • 1 hour group class

  • Paper and pens (optional if you'd like to bring your own)

  • Access to lesson resources on the Google Classroom 

  • End of term completion certificate

*Please note that course structure will vary from school to school. You will receive exact information about your course from our admin team before your course begins.

How to pay 

Once your place on the course is confirmed you will be sent payment information with a payment date. Please indicate how you wish to pay and ensure that payments are made in time to avoid loosing a place on the course. There are two methods of paying*:

Bank Transfer

You can make an online bank transfer before the course begins to :

Company Account: Vinales Education Group Sdn. Bhd.

Bank : HSBC

Account number: 343 - 143228101


You can pay in cash. Please place the full amount in an envelope with your name and pass to your teacher at the start of your first class. 


*Invoices and receipts can be issued upon request.  No refunds are given for missed classes.